Top 8 Local SEO Tips to boost up your Online Presence

For last 3 months I have worked hard to learn and implement the Local SEO techniques. Since huge number of websites are launching daily to spread awareness regards to their brand. It is not at all easy to combat and rule in this competitive Online Space. For the small businesses, the situation is even worse because the big bully’s are already established in the art of selling online and tapping a wide range of customers. Here small businesses have to play smartly and should have focused SEO approach.

Optimizing for local search is a great way to learn SEO because there is less competition and it is easier to maintain a small and focused scope. It is quite slow but very effective if you apply all the techniques in correct manner.Local SEO for Business

Following are some of the check-list for small and mid level business who are targeting Local audience:

  1. Being Local is the best Thing: You need to know that your business address is priority in Local SEO. If you want to rank in Local market your Local address should be given properly. Your business services are reachable to your Local Audience. Your contact details and address must be given importance within your website. This is something that is irrelevant with regular SEO.
  1. Different Keyword list to target your Local Market: Though you have global approach, when you are targeting niche geographical audience you have to have different keywords. We all know keywords plays major role as far as SEO and Online marketing concerns.
  1. Local Classifieds: First thing immediate after starting your business you can do is create your business profile on Local classifieds. This cannot drive traffic to your website but can definitely bring inquiries.
  1. Google Places and Other Search Engine Local Profiles:When you are going local, don’t just focus on Google only you should have broad perspective in your mind with yahoo and Bing as well. However every search engine has their different things to target Local SEO.
  1. Geo Tagging and Schemas / Micro data: org provides different types of semantic markup codes that will help your article, page or whole website to focus Local geographical market.
  1. Testimonials:This play vital role to convert your visitors into customers. Because of this, Google allows local businesses to disclose that they have a testimonial by using semantic markup for reviews, and Google sometimes will display that information in conjunction with the business’s listings in SERPs.
  1. Events / Offers : If your company is organizing any events or providing certain services which follows specific duration than Event Schema Coding is the best to target the same. Same with the offers let you Local audience know your new special offers with the help of Offer Schema Coding
  1. Link Building: How we can forget the major off page factor while we are talking about SEO. But here link building strategy should e concise to your Local market. More Local Communities more syndication can lead to viral your Local SEO Campaign.

Finding out SEO strategy for your Local Business ? Share your queries below in comment!

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