How to Stop your Client from Writing the Content

7 Tricks on How to Stop your Client from Writing the Content

Here’s a situation. You have set up the website, created the content strategy and outlined the content marketing plan for your client.

Your team (including you) has spent many hours in ensuring you launch the site on time. But when you discuss your content strategy with your client, he (or she) replies, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about it, we’re doing it in-house.”

And by in-house, your client means, he (or she) is doing it.

While you have a team of experts ready to start the project, your client removes the possibility. And because you don’t want to seem like a salesman, you stop asking the client to let you create the content.

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Writing Amazing Web Content

6 Steps of Writing Amazing Web Content

Becoming a publisher has become much simpler. All you need is a PC, a steady internet connection and something to write about.

Before the internet, getting your content ‘published’ was very difficult. Now, you can self-publish.

However, the simplicity of content publication has generated a misconception – “Web content is easy to write.”

It isn’t. The basics of writing a good copy apply on web content as well. You’ll need to follow the fundamentals to create content which captivates the readers.

Still, web content is easier to write than any other one. With the basics in mind and flair to write, you can start creating content for the internet.

How Web Content is Different from others?

Offline content (print media, brochures, etc.) is quite different from the online one. The difference lies in how people consume the content.

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