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SEO For Real Estate Market: The Ultimate Guide For 2018

Do you own a real estate business? Yet, you haven’t gone online? Well, you are missing on a huge opportunity and the prospects of growing your business manifolds.

Besides, you will be surprised to know what Google and the National Association of Realtors published last year about a real estate consumer trends.

It said…“When house hunting, 90 percent of buyers use the internet. In fact, 53 percent of buyers start their search online.”

Furthermore…Around 86 percent of home buyers have a great faith in real estate websites to source information when deciding to buy a home.

And so the very first step a buyer takes while buying or renting a home is going online and searching for more information.

Real Estate-Related Searches Are Constantly Increasing

The increase in real estate-related searches is an opportunity that can’t be missed by realtors to gain valuable traffic. This makes the need of SEO the key to success in 2018 for real estate websites and businesses.

However, things change every year or sometimes every day. Google Algorithm is definitely giving some tough times to people who want to do business online using uncouth tricks. You can fool anyone but Google. It has highly transparent and intelligent way of working, which might years for you or anyone for that matter to understand.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about Real Estate SEO.

Unlike many other business websites, real estate websites need patience, different SEO techniques and strategies for improving search traffic. The difficulty level rises when you are relatively new to the business.

How about getting on the first page of Google searches? Isn’t cool it? It is possible only with:

  • Paid ads where you pay for every click made by others;
  • Sheer luck and no efforts—Hard to get through;
  • Or an SEO guide that tells you how to do it yourself.

Well, don’t worry; we have you sorted for the year 2018 with these SEO techniques that will give you an edge over other dominating Real Estate websites.

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Content Has, Is And Will Always Be The King

Content is the King— who says, well Google itself!

True that. Google understands the power of good in fact great content. Nothing works better than a great content online. With great content, we mean content that is user-friendly.

Don’t stuff it with keywords that seem obvious and annoying at times. Try working on one keyword for a single page. Suppose, you are targeting buyer and seller, create two separate pages for each one with respective keywords.

Try to write fresh and consistently each time. It encourages the search engine (Google) to crawl your site more often.

“Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products-a marketplace of content.” – Bill Gates

Use Keywords Smartly

Here’s the catch. How, where and which keywords to be used for best results?

Let’s start with – 2 W and 1 H


Start small: use modest keywords. To begin with go for small and simple keywords, it’s hard for new websites to rank for difficult keywords. Google prefers established websites over the new ones.

Once, you’ve got few winning points and then go for higher level keywords. Google Adwords, Keyword Explorer and Keyword finder are a few good tools that will help you determine the ranking keywords.

Smart keywords choices and placement will give you a better chance of moving up on a social media search page.”


Placing the keyword in these five areas will fetch your points

  1. URL
  2. Page Title
  3. On Page
  4. Title of the Images
  5. Image Alt Tag

Just do it!


Use wisely, stuffing the keyword in every line of content can put you in a major problem. Google and other search engine identify keyword stuffing and crash your page without any warning.

Link Structures Of Your Site Should Seem Natural And Simple

Remember Google always favor clear and natural internal link structures, menus, and navigation. Make it easy and less complicated for the user to navigate your site. Often times, you land up on really annoying websites that have complicated navigation and never leads you in the right direction.

To be precise, if you are planning to sell by price, have price menu. Keep the position of the menu same on every page. If selling by region, have a regional menu.

“The better your site structure, the better your chance of higher ranking in the search engines.”

Breadcrumbs are also helpful on complicated websites. Breadcrumbs help people to visualize where they are in the labyrinth of your real estate listings.

What is the necessity?

Well, site navigation is extremely crucial from the point of view of SEO. It Helps in:

  1. Indexing: this helps Google find all your pages
  2. Usability: with few clicks, the user can find what he wants

Avoid Haphazard Back Links

Backlinks fulfill the major SEO for Real Estate Market needs. So, it needs to be manufactured systematically just like the Real Estate that you are selling.

Backlinking is the deliberate attempt to get links to your site from other sites. Its main purpose is to get as much organic traffic as possible. In order for you to inform Google about the most important pages of your website, you create link opportunities to that page. Moreover, you must avoid these 18 Types of Backlinks Violating Google’s Guidelines.

In this case of Real Estate, the ‘property or region page’ should rank the best on a Search engine.

Both kinds of backlink strategies (internal and external) are important for your SEO.

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  1. Internal Links

Interlinking plays an important role in increasing the ranking of the most important page. Creating a clear internal link pattern is extremely useful. You need to create an ever-growing pattern of internal backlinks which over time increase the page rank for your most important pages.

No haphazard interlinking will help.

  1. External Links

Here you make the use of Social Media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram nowadays and many more. Major backlinks originate from these sources.

Apart from these, high profile websites that cover the same niche as you do becomes most important for this purpose. You approach these websites for guest posting for getting backlinks.

“You need to understand the backlinks inside out to watch your site’s organic traffic climb every month.”

The idea is to generate traffic by putting links to your articles which then build authority to your most important pages via carefully placed links in the article.

There are, however, a number of more techniques but you should always avoid common SEO traps and scams out there. I hope this gets you sorted out for all your real estate endeavours 2018!

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