Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads: Detailed First Look

What Makes Facebook’s New Canvas Ads Distinguishing? I’ve tried to cover up and give you guys an overview all about Facebook’s Canvas Ads:

Keeping the users busy is one of the reasons that Facebook is such popular today. The huge user base that the social media carries has always been exciting for the advertisers. At the same time, Facebook has been coming up with features those create unavoidable environments for the advertisers. Good news is that it comes with another fascinating feature yet again, the Facebook Canvas.

What’s Extra With Canvas Ads?

Facebook Canvas has been designed to fill the void for the advertisers that can keep them ahead of other competitors at different other platforms. The feature enables full display on smartphones and offers an enhanced experience for the viewers when they go through an advertisement.

According to Facebook, the Canvas feature lets the advertisers blend videos, pictures, texts, and buttons to make the advertisement look more attractive on smartphones, conveying the product in a better way among the users.

It appears in the form of a complete website once a user clicks the ad. On this occasion, the complete ad is hosted on Facebook server that ensures the page loading time gets minimal. The whole Canvas appears in the form of pictures, videos and some responsive buttons. Once you click on the button, the advertisement is displayed in the form of a website.

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How to Use the Feature:

  • Go through your profile and put a click on the Publishing Tools to enter into Facebook Canvas. Next, you have to click ‘Canvas’ within the Publishing Tools.
  • Now put a click on ‘Create’ and you can initiate the process of building your first Canvas. It’s quite simple; you simply need to pick a theme, put a header image, incorporate the images, and you can prepare the ‘Call to Action’.
  • According to your requirement, the other features like videos or texts can also be incorporated.

To have more detail in this regard, go through the Canvas landing page of Facebook.

Who Will Be More Interested In The Feature?

The prime aim of introducing Canvas feature is to let the advertisers enjoy a better way of expressing their intention among the customers. It makes the whole advertising process interactive, and the button system makes it easier for direct marketing. Especially the customer service brands operating online, like infrastructure, tourism, technology solutions, etc. are expected to be more helpful through it.

Well, it can be equally effective for the direct online selling (B2B) platforms as well. For all those direct online marketers, Facebook Leads Ads is one of the finest places to invest. Else, you can have one specialised web destinations for you to shift the users to the particular page, and make businesses.


Though the feature offers equal scope for all business means, still its concept is expected to be more prolific for the brand promotion than direct marketing. No doubt, it’s much more attention dragging than the conventional Display advertising or other known video marketing ways.

As explained above, the feature is simple. Hence, you can put a hands-on it at any time you like without much technical knowledge. Anyway, if you have already tried once, then don’t forget to leave your precious comments here.

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