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Content-focused website design- Does it work?

Content is king.

You hear this statement everywhere around the web. When everyone is focused on creating high-quality and engaging content for the audience, it is certain that it will have some impact on the web design, right?

Some years ago, design and content were completely separate. Your website’s design was mostly dependent on your brand and its purpose.

But now the web design is focused on user-experience, SEO and your content strategy as well.

As adaptive content becomes more important for modern businesses, it’s clear that you’ll want a content-centric design for your website as well.

In this article you’ll find out how to implement such a design and what are its benefits:

How to start?

Christopher Butler, CDO of Newfangled suggests designers keep the experience on every platform seamless. This means as designers have to develop products for different devices each one should be connected to another.

Start with the basic structure of your website. What are the primary pages of your site?

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The number of the primary pages will depend on your brand and company. If you’re a service provider you’ll want a home-page, a separate page for the services you offer and two pages for ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’.

You’ll want to determine the targeted audience as well. Depending on your areas of expertise (services or products), you’ll develop content. You’ll also have to determine your main source of traffic.

For example, most of the webmasters focus on getting traffic from organic search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). But if your site gets most of its traffic from social media channels, then your content will depend on the requirements of those channels.

For bigger brands, it is easy to focus on all channels at once. But it might not be feasible for a small one to do.

Once you have determined the channels you will be getting the most traffic from, you will research the keywords. Thus, your content strategy will start developing from here.

What should you focus on?

Your primary focus should be on creating quality content without compromising with productivity. For this purpose, you’ll need to recognize the required word count and the structure of the content you’ll be producing.

Apart from written content, you will also be producing other forms of content (videos, pictures, etc.). You will have to keep them in mind when you’re developing the content strategy.

Streamline the process of content creation is essential. Review every piece of content you produce to ensure everything is of high-quality. By following a plan and working according to the schedule, you will maximize your productivity.

Producing content for your site will no longer remain a cause of concern. Once, you have sufficient content, your designers will have considerable material, to begin with.

What are its benefits?

There are multiple benefits of following a content-focused web design:


As brands need to develop adaptive content strategies and the requirements of the market change continuously, it is important to have an adaptable design.

It ensures that your site is accessible from numerous platforms and every user finds your content easily.


It will be easier for you to make your brand distinct and separate yourself from the rest of the market. Your site’s content influences your brand and designing the site accordingly will help you in this regard.


Your visitors will have no difficulties in finding content on your site. They will have fewer hassles in finding essential options and so your site’s user experience will be better.

User-experience alone is the most important indicator for good SEO of a site.


Having a content-focused design pays off but only when your site has sufficient content. It can help you simplify the user experience of your visitors.

In the end, the requirements depend on your brand. What do you do? Who do you target? These are the primary questions you’ll have to answer before choosing such a design.

What do you think of content-focused web design? Share your thoughts.

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