content strategy for website

Content-focused website design- Does it work?

Content is king.

You hear this statement everywhere around the web. When everyone is focused on creating high-quality and engaging content for the audience, it is certain that it will have some impact on the web design, right?

Some years ago, design and content were completely separate. Your website’s design was mostly dependent on your brand and its purpose.

But now the web design is focused on user-experience, SEO and your content strategy as well.

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How to Create the Ultimate Template for your Content

A Simple Guide on How to Create the Ultimate Template for your Content

You start a project with multiple content creators. You have a team of designers, writers, SEOs and experts on the subject matter to create the content for you.

But soon you realize the situation is getting out of hand. Everyone is doing something and you’re getting nowhere. There are so many things you can include in your content so you feel confused. And you wonder, “How can I escape?”

It can happen to any organization. And there is a sure way to avoid such chaos.

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How to Stop your Client from Writing the Content

7 Tricks on How to Stop your Client from Writing the Content

Here’s a situation. You have set up the website, created the content strategy and outlined the content marketing plan for your client.

Your team (including you) has spent many hours in ensuring you launch the site on time. But when you discuss your content strategy with your client, he (or she) replies, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about it, we’re doing it in-house.”

And by in-house, your client means, he (or she) is doing it.

While you have a team of experts ready to start the project, your client removes the possibility. And because you don’t want to seem like a salesman, you stop asking the client to let you create the content.

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Writing Amazing Web Content

6 Steps of Writing Amazing Web Content

Becoming a publisher has become much simpler. All you need is a PC, a steady internet connection and something to write about.

Before the internet, getting your content ‘published’ was very difficult. Now, you can self-publish.

However, the simplicity of content publication has generated a misconception – “Web content is easy to write.”

It isn’t. The basics of writing a good copy apply on web content as well. You’ll need to follow the fundamentals to create content which captivates the readers.

Still, web content is easier to write than any other one. With the basics in mind and flair to write, you can start creating content for the internet.

How Web Content is Different from others?

Offline content (print media, brochures, etc.) is quite different from the online one. The difference lies in how people consume the content.

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Content Strategy for Omnichannel

3 Content Strategy Trends to watch out for in Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing has recently become a powerful tool for branding and connecting with your audience. It’s surely one of the best methods to establish strong relationships with your customers and enhance your customer retention rate.

Adaptive content strategy has also become essential for modern marketers. But it’s important to identify the latest trends in this sector to keep your brand up to date.

Here they are:

  1. Content can be re-used
  2. Omnichannel marketing needs more innovation
  3. Personalized Marketing is essential

Content can be Re-Used

Publishing content on multiple channels is essential for any marketer to reach a wider audience. It lets you connect with more people and leverage the available technology with more effectiveness.

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Best SEO Techniques

4 Best SEO Techniques That Will Help You Rank on Top of Google

Raise your hand if you want to rank first on Google.

Ok, you can put that down. All of us, without an exception, want to be there. Ranking top on Google has become sort of a trophy for all.

Not any ordinary trophy, but one that can possibly do good to your business. And, hey! It is free!

Organic SEO is perhaps the most economical and effective way to win new business leads. Ranking first in Google search results makes your webpage open to more leads and more business.

Also, people get past the first page of Google results. In fact, there is a joke amidst digital marketers that if anything is to be permanently hidden, put it on the second page of Google.

More than 95% of users did not check past the first page at all! (Digital Synopsis)

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SEO Tips for Wordpress Blog

7 Best SEO Tips for your WordPress Blog

Blogging has become an acclaimed route for circulation of information as well as content. WordPress blogs are the most prevalent types of blogs, and there is more to understand about WordPress and the implications of the best SEO tips.

Even if your blog has all the constituents to attract a potential consumer, search engines won’t promote your blog as long as it is not optimized as per SEO guidelines. So what can you do to achieve higher visibility for your blog? The answer to this query lies in the intricacies of the domain of search engine optimization. Let us dive into the world of SEO and find out the best SEO tips for WordPress blog.

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blogging for business

5 Reasons why Blogging can do wonders for your Business

Do you know why all level companies for establishing their presence or sustaining in throttle tight competitions use the medium of blogging for business?

Well there are many guess works related to blogging, yes there are many but reading this post will give factual reasons why many entrepreneurs use the path of business blogging and even you can follow the suit… Indeed!

Here are top 5 reasons why Blogging is essence for desirable outcomes?

1. Mouth piece– In the age of digital world, blogging serves the purpose of being mouthpiece for the company and the products featured or introduced by the organizations. Specification and accurate details creates interest and thus helps in generating leads.

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15 Common Blogging Mistakes & How to solve them

Are you blogging consistently or want to start your journey of blogging? We all love to pen down our achievements for our valuable brands or experience. Let me unfold to you the deep secrets of blogging.

In tenure of 6 years, I have written and published heaps of niche blogs. In the verve of challenging times, I have gathered lot of creative lessons on blogging and shared valuable strategies that aid to build your community.  The pile of errors, clinch of trials made my journey a stronger, smoother and easier. In our daily lives, I am sure we all read lot of blogs, sometimes for entertainment, leisure, gossips, learning or self awareness. Isn’t it?  As an evangelist and digital marketer nothing fascinates me more than reading a blog.  It gives me a strength to learn, virtue my talent and same time abide my confidence level of learning something different.  Apart from the learning angle, Blogs does empower your goals of connecting with your audiences and builds a long term search engine rankings.  There is no second thought to it that blogging gives you immense money, but it is important to gain it wisely.

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