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5 Social Media Trends We Are Sure to See in 2017

Social media is by far the most popular and one of the most lucrative marketing platforms for all types of companies. Today, with the increasing rise of social media, it has a potentially higher ROI as compared to other online advertisement techniques.

Rise of social media

According to Statista ( ), currently, there are over 2 billion internet users from all around the world who are active on social media sites. With the increasing popularity of mobile smartphones, this number is expected to reach millions more in a short period of time. Seeing the immense potential of social media the various global corporations and small companies have altogether invested over $30 billion in 2016 for social media advertising.

Dynamic social media

As the nature of the internet and its parts are truly dynamic, there is also a constant change and improvement in web technology as well. Apart from the conventional social media marketing techniques, such as a flash advertisement, scroll/pop-up ads, etc. there are a few noticeable futuristic social media trends that are worth looking out for.

Let me explain the 5 social media trends you are most likely to see in 2017:

Live Videoing –

This is an increasingly popular trend, seen in many globally-used social networking sites, such as Periscope Pro, FB Live and YouTube Live. However, this technology is considered to be in its beginning stage only. Various studies point out to the fact that rising numbers of subscribers are losing their paid TV connections in preference of social media and digital live TV.

Messaging Mobile Apps –

The innovative mobile messaging apps allow companies to engage in individual message chat with customers easily. Once you figure out the tone and terms of the generic content to be used in customer service bots, you are set to see improvement in your social media presence.

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Social Trade –

There have been numerous offerings from popular social media websites for commerce using their platform. WeChat, Google, and Messenger have already got their B2B or customer-to-business services available to users. Seeing this, Twitter and Pinterest have also started similar social media commerce features.

Virtual Reality (VR) –

Although this technology has been garnering a lot of hype this year, its true impact will be seen in the next one. With FB and YouTube offering 360 VR videos on their websites, the cost of the VR headsets is still expensive for mass consumers. This is set to change as competition drives the rate of VR headsets lower in the near future and we see increasing use of VR in social media marketing.

Social Media Channels –

These are some of the favorite parts of social media for many people. This allows them to stay connected with their favorite person, celebrity or topic. With Instagram introducing the ‘Stories’ and ‘Explore’ tabs it becomes easier for users to connect relevantly with the topic or person of their choice through an interactive multimedia platform.

In my opinion, it is smart for online entrepreneurs to create a diverse and multi-pronged social media marketing strategy if they wish to ride the wave of success which is set to follow. What do you think?

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