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5 Social Media Tips For Ultimate Brand Engagement

Many of the Business worldwide have directly acquired social media bandwagon. Whereas some or you can say many of the companies opted social media just because their competitors are doing so or might be they have been mandated from top authorities. This will surely take you nowhere if you try to just copy other companies social media strategies without the accurate knowledge of Social Media. It would lead to disaster and you would definitely not be able to reach near your ROI on spends.

This article will help your brand conquer the essentials of social media that cannot be ignored. So, just make sure that you could grab as much as you can, coz these tips could have a huge impact on companies Social Media Strategies and leads to ultimate brand engagement.

  1. Recruit a Social Media specialist:

Planning for social media and executing it, is not at all a simple task, as conventional marketers are comparatively not a good option for Social Media. It’s my personal experience that many of the companies with big brands and huge market demands lost everything along with their reputations that is lost and is irrecoverable due to some irrelevant social media strategies. This mostly and surely happens due to people’s lacking knowledge and skills about social media. No, you got no choice but to hire a skilled and dependable specialist for your brands social media that include skills like:

  • Basic analytic research
  • Well-equipped with tools like Google Analytics, Optify, HootSuite, SEOMoz, Buffer
  • Copywriting expertise
  • Report Generation
  • Advanced in SEO/SEM Knowledge
  • Research Oriented and Creative
  1. Dissociate social media from others:

Brands with a great hike in the market have also faced failures just because their social media campaigns depends approximately on other media forms like radio, TV, OOH and many other. But I have a better plan for you, you have to decouple social media from your marketing strategies. You need to look out for some better brand like the dove, where its digital campaigns are wide different from TV or that in newspapers or radio. Both the campaigns have different aims and objectives for TV and others. The video campaigning on social media of Dove is of the most watched viral campaign of all times.

  1. Selling on Social Media: A big NO, engage in it and create awareness

Social media is priority based, as in, allow the customers to know about your product with various information like features, price, mobility, future of the brand, etc. Do not sell on social media just as no one would be interested in buying a car or having a test drive online, or else have a discount of coffee, which they get otherwise. Make social media a platform for the promotion of your brand nevertheless you can’t sell it here.

  1. Customer Satisfaction- engage, educate and evolve your customers:

Social Media is now- a-days is the best platform for interaction with customers. Many Social networking’s sites are interactive like Facebook which is the best social site for youth segment, Twitter for reaching high-profile personalities globally within a matter of second, LinkedIn is designed in a way that manages professionals with lots of profits, Pinterest for your brand and promoting it in multimedia format and lastly YouTube which is for viral marketing. This shows that one must contain comprehensive knowledge about the tools on these sites and must use the appropriate tool that suits the objective of your campaigns.

The best way to explain you is giving you the example of Ford Ecosport. Once during the launch of the car, the car- launcher launched a 360 digital campaign in India called Urban Discoveries Contest to motivate and engage its customers with all online and offline objectives. The customer response was overwhelming with a huge number of people buying the car in India.

  1. Have a procreative online reputation management system in place

Your online reputation is as inviolable as your brand image. The reputation of your brand also depends on the enormous post, ill comments, racial or religious statements that evoke publically, and the reputation may be spoilt easily. For this, you need to be alert and respond to your audiences with appropriate justifications, apologies and be honest with your response. If you won’t hold the responsibilities then you could lose the charm.

Final words:

All the above social media tips would always help you for better brand engagement and would never let you down. It would guide you further to build up the digital skills and social revenues with your brand. What do you feel about Brand Engagement on Social Media these days?

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