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4 Best SEO Techniques That Will Help You Rank on Top of Google

Raise your hand if you want to rank first on Google.

Ok, you can put that down. All of us, without an exception, want to be there. Ranking top on Google has become sort of a trophy for all.

Not any ordinary trophy, but one that can possibly do good to your business. And, hey! It is free!

Organic SEO is perhaps the most economical and effective way to win new business leads. Ranking first in Google search results makes your webpage open to more leads and more business.

Also, people get past the first page of Google results. In fact, there is a joke amidst digital marketers that if anything is to be permanently hidden, put it on the second page of Google.

More than 95% of users did not check past the first page at all! (Digital Synopsis)

That makes it even more critical for your business or website to rank higher in the ranking system.

With 3.5 BIllion searches happening every month and Google tweaking its search algorithm every now and then, climbing to the top is not an ordinary feat.

Not to mention thousands of bloggers and digital marketers who are getting into content marketing. Competition is getting hotter by the day.

To beat them all and to wade to the topic takes more than ordinary SEO tactics.

Let’s discuss four such different SEO strategies that should take you to the top of Google. But, there is a caveat.

Ranking first on Google won’t happen today, or tomorrow, or within this week. It takes time. Your website needs to build domain authority, have backlinks referring to it and most importantly, you need killer content. It is for this sole reason that businesses resort to professional SEO services to get their pages rank higher. It is not an easy task for amateurs.

If those things are taken care of, here are some tips to make SEO work for you:

#1 Publish Tons of High-quality Content

2017 was called the Year of Content Marketing. Just because we have entered 2018 does not mean that content is going to die. In fact, it is only going to get better.

SEO experts assert that every piece of content published on the Internet has an estimated shelf life during which it will gain momentum, gain traffic and also, generate leads.

This image from Skyword shows how long a published content will last online:

Publish Content SEO Techniques #1


As you can see, publishing regular blogs, being active on social media and leveraging the visual power of videos are all critical to SEO success. Keywords are just one faction of the whole equation.

#2 Use Long Tail Keywords In Content

Keywords! How can we forget the most important aspect of SEO? keywords are like the tiny magnet pieces scattered throughout your content. It attracts search bots who crawl them to connect your content to an audience who could be searching using similar search phrases.

But, there is a problem with keywords. The more commonly used a keyword or a search phrase, higher would be the competition. You can check for a keyword’s average monthly searches by checking the Google Keyword Planner tool.

For example, a generic keyword like furniture has high competition. Whereas a specific long-tail keyword like ‘antique love seat’ has lesser search volume. Using such keywords in your content has higher chances of ranking higher.

Long Tail Keyword SEO Technique #2


#3 Get Listed On Reviews And Listing Websites

Getting listed and featured on reviews or listing websites is the easiest way to reach higher search engine ranking. There are thousands of listing and review websites existing online that customers go to before signing the product or service.

Showcasing yourself on such websites is a good way to gain the Internet’s attention. Call it free advertising. In fact, it is the old way of putting your name on the Yellow pages, just that this is the online route and effective one too.

When you list yourself in top listings and reviews, your website starts to rank automatically with the domain authority where the review is published.

The more detailed the review is, better would be the quality of the lead that it brings in.

Another similar way is to create and publish comparison posts. Pick a handful of competitors who are offering similar, if not the same product or service as you.

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Publish a listicle, an infographic or even a blog post comparing them side-by-side. This would help highlight your features easily. And, chances are that the page would rank for the keyword that your competitor would also be using.

#4 Reinfuse Your Old Content With Fresh Keywords

I already told you that content has a life. But, it does not mean it becomes obsolete after its shelf-life.

You can always extend its life or give it a new life by infusing it with fresh keywords. The old blog posts might have been pushed back in search results probably because the search trends changed over a period of time.

You can also revamp the content to make search bots crawl the page again.

But, don’t go about doing this for all old blogs. Make a list of all the blogs. Sort them based on traffic generated and search engine ranking. Chances are that a good blog post may not have ranked higher for want of long tail keywords.

Or, the content might have been thin which can be reworked to make it SEO-friendly. If the content was short, turn it into a long-form content by adding more volume. It will also give much space to spread the keywords all throughout the content.

Final Words

Ranking first on Google and growing a bamboo tree is the same. It takes time to do both. But, the final result happens overnight.

You have to put in the effort to create content, optimize it for keywords and publish it on the right platform for the search bot to crawl. All this demands time.

But, once the page starts gaining backlinks and link authority, ranking higher on Google won’t be a challenge anymore. In fact, it will turn into a lead funnel from where your business will be getting steady inquiries.

Have you tried any other SEO strategies to rank higher? Feel free to share with us any SEO techniques that helped you achieve the feat.

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