15 Common Blogging Mistakes & How to solve them

Are you blogging consistently or want to start your journey of blogging? We all love to pen down our achievements for our valuable brands or experience. Let me unfold to you the deep secrets of blogging.

In tenure of 6 years, I have written and published heaps of niche blogs. In the verve of challenging times, I have gathered lot of creative lessons on blogging and shared valuable strategies that aid to build your community.  The pile of errors, clinch of trials made my journey a stronger, smoother and easier. In our daily lives, I am sure we all read lot of blogs, sometimes for entertainment, leisure, gossips, learning or self awareness. Isn’t it?  As an evangelist and digital marketer nothing fascinates me more than reading a blog.  It gives me a strength to learn, virtue my talent and same time abide my confidence level of learning something different.  Apart from the learning angle, Blogs does empower your goals of connecting with your audiences and builds a long term search engine rankings.  There is no second thought to it that blogging gives you immense money, but it is important to gain it wisely.


If you are blogger or aspiring to have the feather on your thinking hat then today with my blog post, I will discuss the common errors the blogger make and how to solve them?

1. Onset of Introduction: To mend the thread of creativity, many bloggers do spare lot of time in the bottom or in the body of the article, without focusing on the creative aspects of the opening or introduction of the article. Weak Introductions, skips away the attention of reader.  A good introduction should be crisp and clear.

Let me share the basics of making an introduction that hooks the interest of the readers. For skillful writing, you need the aspect of agree, preparation, preview.

  • Agree:- Noting the crux of the subject and framing same in the introduction could be little tedious. Here first analyze the others point of view or interest of the reader.
  • Promise: – Proved that the introduction could be little time consuming, but at the same time it can keep the readers interest engaged and make them anticipate waiting to know the suspense till the end.
  • Preview: – An audible message introduction does solve your purpose, therefore in the preview these steps are important to remember.


2. Myth that 200-300 word blog bunch could generate interest: I often advise and follow the practicality when it comes to content marketing. During my tenure, often organizations in verge of saving money many entrepreneurs or bloggers do post 200-300 words blogs. Now my question to you, will this 200-300 word would have strength of communication?  Interestingly the longer content does gets share on social media and reputed search engines too are interested in good quality content with loads of information. To generate good number of traffic on your blog  you should consider followings are taken care:

  1. Proper Keyword Research on the Subject
  2. Unique and Engaging Content
  3. Plagiarism Free
  4. Relevant

3. Win it vision: In the lure of earning of money with the faster pace many blogger do try to load the blog with the lot of promotional activities. Remember a good blog should have a vision and good content which attracts more and more readers.

4. Say it with bullet points: In the phase of competitive times no reader likes to read long paragraphs. A bullet points and insertion of pictures would make your blog more interesting and user friendly. Every blog should insist a clear call of action.

5. Two way flow of communication: Being a reader, you might have certain opinions pertaining to the subject, after posting a blog make a will of listening too and be ready to reply on the comments. I even welcome your views on this particular post; feel free to share your views in comments below.

6. Elements that matter: When it comes to selecting your blog theme, smart presentably is equally important. It should content focused theme rather than having ads and unnecessary pop-ups. Having proper navigation is also an important factor which helps your readers to roam across your blog effortlessly.

7. Go boundless with creativity: – Don’t fear and stop. In the beginning there may be times for sitting till late night and editing the contents, make to will to learn and accept. Remember in the content marketing your ethics are everything.

8. Consistency and dedication: The mantra of success in blogging industry is Consistency. The prime rule of blogging is to be consistent with work and do things with complete dedication. Crete a content calendar in advance for next 30 days. Plan and strategies which keywords you want to target, how aggressive you want to go? How faster you want to achieve the rankings?

9. Proofreading: Over the years, I went through various blogs and articles, but many of them simply sounded like robot, tons of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. My wiser advice is to do proofreading and editing before submissions.

10. Refrain Ctrl+C and Ctrl+ V in articles:  The thumb rule of every content marketing is writing unique and engaging contents, then too in lure of earning money with the faster pace many writers do copy and paste. Remember the duplicate contents do get penalized on reputed search engines like Google. Well research blogs gets the higher positioning on Google.

11. Make the thing worth a writing: Too much of promotional contents could take away the interest of your readers, I have seen many beginners repeating the same thing again and again, but remember this tactics won’t last longer on search engines, instead share information which is useful for your target audience.

12. Keyword research is soul of blog: I have seen many bloggers ignoring the keyword research. Before writing any blog you should be aware of the keywords you going to target. Always find better opportunities and long tail keywords with good number of searches.

13. On page SEO requires your detailed attention: It is very much important to maintain good keyword density across the article. To get boost up in the SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Pages ) don’t forget to add your targeted keywords into title and description of meta tags.

14. Being your own boss: The another fascinating fact of blogging is you can judge and rate your performance. Often bloggers do not set deadlines for the projects which causes delay in the project; therefore to be accountable it is important to plan with deadlines. Blogging job too requires responsibility. Buy tools which can help you to improve your productivity, measure your progress.

15. Watch out your tone: Often many bloggers do write only product centric blogs and are unable to follow the trend. Remember a good blog should not harm anyone’s sentiments, emotion, should honor feelings and should have respectable approach.

Though these is not the complete list, have tried including the general ones. I would like to hear from you is there any other common mistake as a blogger you ever did?


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