Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency

Top 10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) Agency in India

Still haven’t thought of working on your website’s Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)? Now is the time. CRO is something that cannot be avoided at any cost in this consumer driven market. Many experts explain CRO differently but focus on same results after working upon it which is to get conversions eventually.

If you don’t take CRO seriously, your business might feel brunt of it. Besides, for venture based companies, CRO is an essential tool for growing its business.

What Is CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization)?

CRO is the most important marketing activity because it makes every visitor exponentially more valuable. –Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

As per the SEO Guru Rand Fishkin, CRO helps understand your audience’s intent, behavior and preferences. However, won’t it be amazing to see a rush in your site traffic?

Possibly, it could be because of the one of your articles gone viral, or due to organic searches. But after checking in your analytics account, you get disappointed as the rising views to your page haven’t contributed the bottom line of your business.

And what’s that?

Zero conversions!

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SEO For Real Estate Industry

SEO For Real Estate Market: The Ultimate Guide For 2018

Do you own a real estate business? Yet, you haven’t gone online? Well, you are missing on a huge opportunity and the prospects of growing your business manifolds.

Besides, you will be surprised to know what Google and the National Association of Realtors published last year about a real estate consumer trends.

It said…“When house hunting, 90 percent of buyers use the internet. In fact, 53 percent of buyers start their search online.”

Furthermore…Around 86 percent of home buyers have a great faith in real estate websites to source information when deciding to buy a home.

And so the very first step a buyer takes while buying or renting a home is going online and searching for more information.

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Best SEO Techniques

4 Best SEO Techniques That Will Help You Rank on Top of Google

Raise your hand if you want to rank first on Google.

Ok, you can put that down. All of us, without an exception, want to be there. Ranking top on Google has become sort of a trophy for all.

Not any ordinary trophy, but one that can possibly do good to your business. And, hey! It is free!

Organic SEO is perhaps the most economical and effective way to win new business leads. Ranking first in Google search results makes your webpage open to more leads and more business.

Also, people get past the first page of Google results. In fact, there is a joke amidst digital marketers that if anything is to be permanently hidden, put it on the second page of Google.

More than 95% of users did not check past the first page at all! (Digital Synopsis)

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digital marketing strategies for startups

6 Killer Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

Businesses don’t survive without customers. agreed?

Your startup can have the most amazing product in the world, but without the right marketing, it’s not going to be successful.

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing offers significant advantages. No wonder most digital businesses look at digital marketing as their primary marketing channel.

Digital marketing has leveled the playing field. Today small businesses with a small budget can reach the same people that only multi-million dollar businesses could reach a few years ago.

Today I will share 6 amazing digital marketing strategies for startups and other businesses. These will not just be concepts. These will be detailed strategies about how you can use tried and tested methods and make it work for your business.

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social media for pr

4 Reasons Proves Why Social Media is New Age Public Relations

Before social media became popular, public relations was a passive role.

PR teams tracked events that damaged reputation, publish statements on industry news and sent releases about new product offerings.

With the arrival of social, that has changed. Many firms believe and implement the ideology that PR and social are now inseparable.

The idea makes sense as well. There is a great overlap between the functions of PR team and a social media team.


is social media the new PR?

Here are 4 reasons why social media is the new age PR.

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Latest Social Media Trends

5 Social Media Trends We Are Sure to See in 2017

Social media is by far the most popular and one of the most lucrative marketing platforms for all types of companies. Today, with the increasing rise of social media, it has a potentially higher ROI as compared to other online advertisement techniques.

Rise of social media

According to Statista ( ), currently, there are over 2 billion internet users from all around the world who are active on social media sites. With the increasing popularity of mobile smartphones, this number is expected to reach millions more in a short period of time. Seeing the immense potential of social media the various global corporations and small companies have altogether invested over $30 billion in 2016 for social media advertising.

Dynamic social media

As the nature of the internet and its parts are truly dynamic, there is also a constant change and improvement in web technology as well. Apart from the conventional social media marketing techniques, such as a flash advertisement, scroll/pop-up ads, etc. there are a few noticeable futuristic social media trends that are worth looking out for.

Let me explain the 5 social media trends you are most likely to see in 2017:

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Digital Marketing Consultant Mumbai, India

5 Qualites to look for before hiring SEO Consultant in india

Having helped many new IT ventures and online business start-ups through the past decade has taught me a few important things about SEO and its variable nuances. Although an online business, just like a conventional business, requires extensive planning and execution, its success mainly depends on the quality of SEO it is provided with.

Although the number of options for choosing SEO consultants is vast and varied, it does not necessarily mean that every SEO professional will help you achieve the desired results for your online business.

These 5 points should help you select not only the best SEO consultants in India but also help you select the most efficient and effective one:

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Complete digital marketing Training for beginners in Mumbai

Best Practical SEO Training in Mumbai for Beginners

At a time when other job industries are facing a slack in requirement, the job sites are seemingly filled with openings for SEO positions in numerous well-known companies. I recently came across a graph created on, by Dan Wilkerson, which clearly shows the requirement for SEO and Social Marketing positions has actually increased significantly since the past 5 years.

As we witness a boost in the number of online businesses, it inadvertently gives rise to the requirement for expert SEO specialists in IT companies. Conventional marketing strategies have to be re-defined for the World Wide Web and here is where the unique skill sets of an SEO specialist are required. Their main job is to improve and maintain a good online business ranking in search results.

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SEO Expert India

6 things to look for when hiring SEO Experts in India

Started up your online business but waiting for the desired users? Do you have an SEO professional working for your website and still the results are disappointing? Have you been wondering lately how to boost your online venture’s credibility and ratings on search results? Let me share a few pointers that have helped me get the best SEOs working for me.

Hiring an SEO consultant can seem a confusing job and can often feel like it’s taking a great effort. So let me share these 6 tips that have helped me, and will surely help you, to select the best, most compatible and effective SEO expert in India:

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instagram marketing tips

5 Significant Instagram Marketing Tips For Superb Business Growth

When I wake up every morning, my phone keeps on beeping so many times, alerting me of the Instagram pictures. Not just my friends, but also my colleagues have their own Instagram accounts. This was when I realized the importance of this photo-sharing site for business growth. It seems not that important to me at first; but I was mesmerized with the growth of customer base, after applying this same rule for my business. Now, I would like to share 5 of the most interesting Instagram marketing tips with you, to help your business grow.

5 superb Instagram tips for business growth

To be good in the Instagram marketing session, you might have to play a different ballgame altogether. These tips, which I have used for my business, are proven to be just amazing.

  1. Theme of the brand:

In case, you are new on Instagram with fewer followers; you better decide on a theme for your brand. Attention on social media, these days, is getting lesser with every passing day. Your clients will have so many new pictures to look at. So, it’s better for them to know what your brand means, within a snap.

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